The Company's presentation

The financial counseling department of the BloChamps Capital Ltd. was established at the end of 2001; however, the company group is present in the financial sector since 1998, offering business counseling services for legal entities as well as for individual clients.

The company's ars poetica is to develop a confidential client service keeping high standards with the help of professional services. The primary aim is to find professional financial solutions for each and every individual, emphasizing private banking mentality.

The experience of the founding members gained through the last few years and the successful counseling services guarantee the necessary technical background for the company's prosperity. The company believes that fulfilling the requirements of the applicants is of outmost importance; therefore, when increasing the employee number of the company, keeping in mind the organic growth, the company applies a strict requirement system to guarantee that only the most qualified applicants are to be employed.

Based on last years' experience, the company's goal is to make progress using the present business structure that embodies three key concepts defining the company's functioning, as follows:

     - Forward exchange rate insurance, business administration advisory services
        concerning exchange market investments,

     - Corporate treasury and finance tasks; the fulfilment of special commissions
        concerning strategic business plans for small and medium-size enterprises,

     - Property structuration business conduct counseling related to private banking,
        for private investors.

BloChamps Capital Ltd. tries to follow a considered business policy concerning the tasks undertaken, as well as professional services. Apart from the company's clear business strategy, the management's great knowledge and its professional understanding of organizing and managing strategies, as well as its devotion and motivation all take part in the company's success.

The company complies with a great number of honourable professional requests for publication. The management's aim is to present the company's opinion with the eye of the objective expert, as well as to prove the possession of a great command of knowledge in the specializing fields, through writing in the daily, weekly and monthly magazines of the Hungarian professional press.

The Company's business policy

The company's business policy is based on the classic understanding of the term "private banker". (The word stands for "személyes bankár" in Hungarian). The term "private" is derived from the Latin word "privatus" with its meaning being fairly complex. On the one hand it refers to personal life and to one's own private world, on the other hand it brings up the notion of secrecy and confidential atmosphere. These two notions reflect the essence of private banking: a personal service that understands to a maximum extent the individuals' needs and is based on secrecy and trust.

The BloChamps Capital Ltd. puts great emphases on the needs of its clients and on the fulfilment of their requirements; to contribute to the true understanding of the notion of private banking.

The branch of private banking belongs to the finest branches in the world of banking; however, this branch was almost completely non-existent before 1994 in Hungary. Providing exclusive services for private clients was not considered of outmost importance for years; the service meant not more than those of basic banking. Toward the turn of the century, people possessing liquid assets started to invest more diversely, due to the variety of services. People wanting to invest had no time and necessary knowledge to handle their financial matters, since the understanding of the rapidly developing financial world and the products offered needed a more and more specialized qualification. To rely on the opinion of the financial advisers is a well-advised and safe decision.

In the rapidly changing atmosphere of the banking world, the clients possessing liquid assets tend to pay more attention on secrecy, traditions and the exclusive services shaped for the individuals' needs. Although all the leading merchant banks include private banking sector, the classic, western types of private banking services are not available in the Hungarian banking sector.

BloChamps Capital Ltd. strongly believes that the personal relationship and the confidential partnership are able to express what private banking is really about. The company believes that understanding of the customer's need and business philosophy is highly important and tries to grasp them as much as possible from the very beginning of their collaboration. With the help of personal consultations, the independent experts give advice, keeping in mind what is the most beneficial for the client, irrespective that the client is a personal investor or a corporation.

BloChamps Capital Ltd. truly believes that the devotion and commitment for the business partners and for the financial trade entitles the company to gain the trust of its clients as their personal advisor in the long run. The company also guarantees that the personal advisory services dealing with the clients' individual needs with the help of high-qualified members of staff are far more effective than any other means of banking services provided by different banks, where there is no sufficient time given to examine and understand the individual's needs entirely.

The private banking mentality has become an organic part of the company's business policy adjusting the view that the clientele should be expanded primarily with the help of the satisfied customers' recommendation rather than through advertising.

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